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Streamlined Commercial Propane Gas Services

Franger Gas offers competitive prices and consistent services to put our commercial customers ahead of the game. By partnering with us, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable and efficient energy solutions. Our comprehensive services include on-site cylinder refueling stations and temporary heat solutions, ensuring that your commercial and industrial propane needs are met with expertise.

On-Site Commercial Propane Refueling Stations

For businesses with significant lift truck propane fuel needs, Franger Gas provides a complete refueling station service. We manage everything from installation to maintenance, equipping your site with all necessary tools, and training your employees on safe and efficient operation.

Benefits of Propane Refueling Stations:

  • Convenience: Easily refill cylinders on your schedule, right on your premises.
  • Clean-Burning Fuel: Propane forklifts run cleaner and last longer, reducing routine maintenance costs.
  • Reduced Emissions: Opt for an environmentally friendly option with fewer emissions than gasoline or diesel units.

Comprehensive Installation and Support

We handle the installation of your refueling station swiftly, ensuring it’s equipped for immediate use. Our stations feature intuitive controls for easy operation, backed by our expert customer service team to assist you every step of the way.

Commercial Propane Temporary Heat

Keep your projects on track during the coldest months with our propane-fueled temporary heat solutions. Ideal for construction sites in the Midwest, our temporary heating helps maintain necessary working temperatures, ensuring materials like drywall and paint set properly. Versatile Applications for Temporary Heat:

  • Emergency Heating: Rapid response for unexpected needs.
  • Disaster Recovery: Essential warmth following natural disasters.
  • Dehumidifying: Ideal for drying out buildings efficiently.
  • Thermal Treatment: Perfect for wood pallets and other materials.
  • Routine Maintenance: Keep operations running when main systems are offline.

Why Choose Propane for Your Temporary Heating Needs?

Propane is not only clean and efficient but also highly convenient and portable, making it a superior choice for temporary heating. It’s simpler to use than alternatives like kerosene or electric heat and helps your projects meet stringent LEED clean-air requirements.
Franger Gas Propane Tank Residential and Business Heating

Get Started with Franger Gas

Whether you need a robust refueling solution or reliable temporary heating, Franger Gas is here to support your business. Contact us today to discover how our propane services can enhance your operational efficiency and keep you compliant.
Contact Us ​ to explore our commercial propane solutions and see how we can help fuel your business effectively.

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Happy family, father and girl playing in a house with freedom, bonding and enjoying quality time together. Happiness, smile and child flying in dads arms on the floor. Franger's Guaranteed Price Program gives you peace of mind to focus on what matters.
Managing home heating costs can be challenging, especially when prices fluctuate throughout the year. However, Franger Gas offers a solution through their Guaranteed Price Program (GPP), which allows you to lock in a set price for propane.
Kitchen gas stove, close up. New gas stove appliance and countertop surface at modern kitchen. Modern kitchen stove cook. Remote Monitoring takes guesswork out of propane delivery and keeps your family on track.
For residential propane users, remote tank monitoring is transforming how they manage their home heating and energy use. Our state-of-the-art remote monitoring services for liquid propane (LP) customers, ensure a reliable, efficient, and worry-free fuel supply.
Save on your propane bill with Franger Gas Guaranteed Price Program and have peace of mind for your family! Two brothers play in a happy, warm kitchen.
At Franger Gas, we want you to have confidence in our propane service – and peace of mind when it comes to cost. Our Guaranteed Price Program can help you plan your spending and offer predictability for your energy bill.
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There has never been a better time to consider propane for your home heating and power needs. Call us today to learn more about switching to propane. You can sign up for service, speak with one of our knowledgeable propane representatives, or plan a visit to our showroom in Elkhart, Indiana.

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