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Enjoy Peace of Mind with our Guaranteed Price Program

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Guaranteed Price with Franger Gas

Take the Guesswork out of your Home Heating Bill

Guaranteed Price Program Runs May 1, 2024 – April 30, 2025. The deadline for sign-up is June 1, 2024.

Act now to take advantage of this Franger Gas Program! There’s no cost to join and you’ll get a predictable bill each month.

Across the board, energy costs are up – from gasoline to propane to natural gas and heating oil. The change is price is significant, unpredictable, and impacting all of us.

We encourage every one of our customers to take advantage of our Guaranteed Price Program now. We want to give you peace of mind and predictability. When you pay for propane gas as it is delivered, that can be hard on the budget and difficult to forecast.

Our Guaranteed Price Program is designed to make planning easier.

Not only do we estimate your annual use and develop a payment plan that meets your needs, but we also guarantee your rate. Each month, you will make the same payment with the benefit of our price guarantee. Our Guaranteed Price Program guarantees your price never exceeds a certain level, regardless of what the energy markets do.

As a Guaranteed Price customer, you are automatically enrolled in our worry-free Automatic Fill Service, so you can forget about checking your tank gauge and calling for a delivery. Heating your home has never been more worry-free!

How does Guaranteed Price work?

Using our Guaranteed Price Plan is a great choice if you want to even out the seasonal highs and lows of your heating bill.

  • We estimate your propane gas usage for the next 11 months, based on your past usage and tank size as well as factoring in weather and propane price forecasts. Prices will vary based on individual residential customer accounts.
  • We divide that amount by 11 to determine your monthly payment amount.
  • We review your plan throughout the year to make sure your budget amount is keeping pace with your actual usage. Guaranteed Price is settled in April and recalculated for the new plan year that starts on May 1.
  • The Enrollment Period is April 1 – June 1.
  • This is a free service for residential customers whose accounts are up to date, and you can discontinue it at any time

Frequently Asked Questions

We calculate your yearly bill on the amount of gas used the previous year and normal weather conditions.  That figure is divided into eleven equal monthly payments. April will be your settle-up month.  YOUR TANK MUST BE AT 30% OR HIGHER. If below 30%, contact the office for options.
The GPP plan runs from May 1st through April 30th of the following year.
We send statements out at the beginning of each month with the payment being due by the 15th of the month.

We try to compute a payment that will remain the same for the whole year. However, abnormal weather conditions or changes in your usage may cause an increase or decrease in your payment.

Your participation in the program is voluntary and can be terminated at your request.

Benefits to our Guaranteed Price Program include:

  • A Guaranteed Price (No higher than $1.999 for 250+ gallon tanks, and $2.399 for 100 gallon tanks, from May 1, 2024, through April 30, 2025.)
  • Summer Fill Discount (other companies give you just one price for the entire year)
  • Equal Monthly Payments (you can also make payments in advance)
  • Automatic Fill Guarantee (No extra cost for this great service)
Your annual propane usage is divided into 11 equal payments, with April being your settle-up month. This means that if you exceed the estimated usage, April is when any overages on your account (not covered in the 11 monthly payments) must be paid.

Guaranteed Price does not mean you have unlimited propane usage available at one cost. We recommend that you still monitor your propane use inside your home. Any usage that exceeds the estimated usage amount will be billed in April, at the end of the Guaranteed Price Season.

This is a residential program only.

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Happy family, father and girl playing in a house with freedom, bonding and enjoying quality time together. Happiness, smile and child flying in dads arms on the floor. Franger's Guaranteed Price Program gives you peace of mind to focus on what matters.
Managing home heating costs can be challenging, especially when prices fluctuate throughout the year. However, Franger Gas offers a solution through their Guaranteed Price Program (GPP), which allows you to lock in a set price for propane.
Kitchen gas stove, close up. New gas stove appliance and countertop surface at modern kitchen. Modern kitchen stove cook. Remote Monitoring takes guesswork out of propane delivery and keeps your family on track.
For residential propane users, remote tank monitoring is transforming how they manage their home heating and energy use. Our state-of-the-art remote monitoring services for liquid propane (LP) customers, ensure a reliable, efficient, and worry-free fuel supply.
Save on your propane bill with Franger Gas Guaranteed Price Program and have peace of mind for your family! Two brothers play in a happy, warm kitchen.
At Franger Gas, we want you to have confidence in our propane service – and peace of mind when it comes to cost. Our Guaranteed Price Program can help you plan your spending and offer predictability for your energy bill.
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Propane is one of the most efficient and reliable forms of energy. It is time to choose propane for your home and trust Franger Gas with the job. Improve the environment, and never worry about losing heat or not being able to run an appliance during a power outage again. You will get competitive pricing and a commitment to superior service when you become a Franger Gas customer and experience the benefits of propane.

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