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Franger Gas Pre-Buy Program

Why should you pre-buy your propane?

Simple. You can lock in a fixed price for your propane for the year. This is an incredible benefit, as the fuel market can be extremely volatile. It is not uncommon to see steep price hikes when entering a new season, especially during the winter months.

The Pre-Buy Program at Franger Gas is just one way we help our customers find the best price for their energy needs. This program (which is offered late summer into early fall) allows Franger Gas customers to lock-in their propane price ahead of the projected winter/annual usage.

Convenient, Money-Saving Pre-Buy Option

As part of Franger’s commitment to superior, dependable customer service, we offer a convenient, easy-to-use Pre-Buy Program for residential propane customers. The Pre-Buy Program provides price protection by locking in a fixed-rate price per gallon.

Pre-Buy Program Details

The Pre-Buy Program allows customers to pay in advance for estimated propane usage with one payment.

The program guarantees the price* listed on the contract until the pre-purchased amount runs out or until March 31, whichever comes first.

At the end of the Pre-Buy Program contract, any unused credit will remain on your account.

Pre-Buy Program contracts are available beginning in August and running through September.

*Certain restrictions apply; contact the office for more information.

Contact Franger Gas to enroll in our Pre-Buy Program or for additional information.

How Does The Pre-Buy Program Work?

The Pre-Buy Program gives propane customers the option to pay in advance for their estimated propane usage with one payment. This program guarantees the price listed on your contract until the gallon amount pre-paid runs out or March 31, whichever comes first.

How Does Pre-Paying For Propane Benefit Me?

Propane prices could be higher as we approach this year’s heating season. If you pre-buy now at the lower price offered to you, a substantial amount of money could be saved. You don’t have to worry about prices rising because you have your winter needs already purchased.

Why Do I Have To Pay For The Propane Now?

It is necessary to pay in advance so we can guarantee you the contract price for the season.

Can I Pre-Buy More Propane Later For The Same Price?

No, this is a time-limited window that we contract with our customers for the upcoming season.

What If I Don't Use All Of The Pre-Purchased Propane By The Deadline?

A credit will be applied to your account for the value of the remaining gallons.

Your options are:

  1. Use your credit for next year’s Pre-Buy Program.
  2. Apply all your credit towards your next delivery.
  3. Call and request a refund – the refund check can be processed usually within a week.
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