Compact Cylinder Refill

Grill, fryer, and smoker fans rejoice

Did you know you can save money by having Franger Gas refill your compact cylinders – like your grill, fryer and smoker propane tanks?

Exchanging cabinets at a nearby store might seem convenient – but when you use an exchange cabinet to replace your tank, you often aren’t getting a full tank in return.

Visiting Franger Gas to refill your grill tank means a full tank every time. You’ll also avoid flat rate fills. We weigh the tank and you pay only for the gas we put in your cylinder.

We fill 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 100-pound cylinders and also have new cylinders available for purchase.



DOT law requires 100# cylinders to be hauled upright in an open bed vehicle. The limit of fuel in an enclosed vehicle is 90 pounds.

Ask us about our stamp card promotion! Buy five fills of at least 15 pounds and on your sixth cylinder, you get 20 pounds FREE!

Call us to learn more about our Cylinder Refill Services.