NH3 Projects

NH3 Projects

Anhydrous Ammonia Tank Installation

Do you have an Anhydrous Ammonia Plant, or considering construction of one? Franger Gas works with our Farming and Agriculture customers to install Anhydrous Ammonia Tanks and other NH3 Projects. Our team of experts can walk you through equipment considerations to ensure that your nitrogen fertilizer is properly and safely applied.

From system upgrades to turnkey facilities, Franger Gas will help with your project planning and construction, from beginning to end. Custom towers, underground piping and swing loading arms are just a few options offered. We understand each facility is unique, so we tailor the design based on your needs and specifications.

All upgrades will comply with your current state’s standards, meet or exceed PSM future requirements and offer a safer operation for your employees and surrounding communities.

Additionally, Franger Gas offers tank installation, service and inspection to all of our NH3 customers.

Interested in using NH3 for your crops next season? Contact Franger Gas today and we can walk you through everything there is to consider!