Franger Gas Approved Products

Franger Gas Approved: Propane Gas Grills, Cylinders, and Space Heaters

You can rely on the experts at Franger Gas to help guide you in your selection of a top-notch gas grill or accessory, propane cylinders and space heaters with the Franger Gas seal of approval.

Brands such as Fire Magic, Broilmaster and Twin Eagles for home grills, Manchester for propane compact cylinders, Empire for room heaters, L.B. White for space heaters, and Napoleon for outdoor patio heaters deliver the quality that Franger trusts for its customers. Stop buying items that last 2 seasons and then crumble!  

We carry only proven top-brands that offer high-quality products and accessories, complete with personalized Franger customer service. Our team is here to answer your questions and assist in purchase and installation of these residential propane products.


Interested in expanding your services or trying propane for your family’s energy needs? Contact Franger Gas today.