Commercial Propane Temporary Heat

Commercial Propane Temporary Heat

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Temporary Heat

Propane-fueled temporary construction heat keeps your projects on schedule even during the coldest months of the year

The winter cold can be harsh here in the Midwest. Keep your construction crews warm with our temporary heat service. Franger Gas can supply your job site with the tanks, fuel, and also a variety of heaters, hose assemblies and other accessories needed to keep your project moving along smoothly.

Portable propane construction heaters will keep your crews warm in cold weather and maintain necessary working temperatures so that your materials (such as drywall, paint and more) can set properly and keep your build on schedule.

Other uses for temporary propane heaters

Uses for temporary heat go beyond construction. A company or business in any industry may need temporary propane heaters for the following applications:

  • Emergency heating
  • Recovering from a natural disaster
  • Drying out or dehumidifying a building
  • Conducting thermal treatment of wood pallets
  • Routine maintenance if the main heating system needs to be shut off

Why choose Propane for your Temporary Heat needs?

Propane is a clean, efficient and convenient fuel source for temporary heat. It’s easily portable, runs cleaner and is easier to use than other options like natural gas, kerosene or electric heat. It can also help your project meet LEED clean-air requirements during the building process.

Whether your needs are for a winter-long project or just a few weeks, give us a call and keep the cold air outside!