Keep Your Heating Costs Steady: Learn About Franger Gas’s Special Program for Propane

Keep Your Heating Costs Steady: Learn About Franger Gas’s Special Program for Propane

Managing home heating costs can be challenging, especially when prices fluctuate throughout the year. However, Franger Gas offers a solution through their Guaranteed Price Program (GPP), which allows you to lock in a set price for propane. This program provides an effective way to control your Liquid Propane, or LP heating expenses. Let’s dive into the details and benefits of enrolling in this program.

What is the Guaranteed Price Program?

Franger Gas’s Guaranteed Price Program offers customers a fixed propane price from May 1, 2024, to April 30, 2025. This plan ensures that your propane costs remain consistent, even if market prices rise or fall. This means no surprises when you open your bill. 

GPP is designed to offer a capped price and break down your total season’s heating bill into monthly payments. As a GPP customer, you are also automatically enrolled in our Automatic Fill Service for even greater peace of mind. 

Make sure to sign up by June 1, 2024, to enjoy these benefits.

Why Should You Consider Signing Up?

Protection Against Price Volatility

In today’s economy, energy costs are increasingly unpredictable, impacting budgets significantly. With a locked-in rate, you won’t face any surprises in your monthly bills, making it easier to budget and plan your finances throughout the year. You protect yourself against unexpected price hikes, particularly during peak usage in winter months.

Simplified Budgeting

Uncertainty in heating costs can complicate your financial planning. The GPP eliminates this issue by setting a fixed cost for propane, which simplifies how you manage your household budget.

Peace of Mind

There’s a comforting certainty in knowing your propane expenses in advance. The GPP offers peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy a warm home throughout the year without the anxiety of fluctuating heating bills. Our GPP customers are also automatically enrolled in our worry-free Automatic Fill Service, so you don’t have to remember to check your tank gauge and call for a delivery. 

Zero Enrollment Cost

Joining the Guaranteed Price Program is completely free, adding to the financial benefits. Without any enrollment fees, all savings from the program go directly into your pocket, offering both financial relief and predictability.

Key Benefits of Franger Gas GPP 

  • A Guaranteed Price (No higher than $1.999 for 250+ gallon tanks, and $2.399 for 100 gallon tanks, from May 1, 2024, through April 30, 2025.)
  • Summer Fill Discount (other companies give you just one price for the entire year)
  • Equal Monthly Payments (you can also make payments in advance)
  • Automatic Fill Guarantee (No extra cost for this great service)

How does Franger calculate your Guaranteed Price? 

  • We estimate your propane gas usage for the next 11 months, based on your past usage and tank size as well as factoring in weather and propane price forecasts. Prices will vary based on individual residential customer accounts.
  • We divide that amount by 11 to determine your monthly payment amount.
  • We review your plan throughout the year to make sure your budget amount is keeping pace with your actual usage. Guaranteed Price is settled in April and recalculated for the new plan year that starts on May 1.
  • The Enrollment Period is April 1 – June 1.
  • This is a free service for residential customers whose accounts are up to date, and you can discontinue it at any time

More questions? 

Head to our Guaranteed Price Program page and explore the Frequently Asked Questions there. 

Even out the Seasonal Highs and Lows

Franger Gas’s Guaranteed Price Program is an intelligent choice for managing home heating costs effectively. It simplifies budgeting, offers financial stability, and is free to join, making it a wise option for those looking to avoid the unpredictability of energy prices.

Time is limited! The deadline to sign up for the Guaranteed Price Program is June 1, 2024. Secure your propane price for the coming year now and take control of your heating expenses!

Ready to Sign up?

Start with our simple GPP Payment calculator to generate an estimated monthly bill for your home. Then, one of our Franger Gas specialists will follow up to confirm pricing and program details with you. You can also give us a call today at 574-264-2118!