Budget billing for convenient, predictable payments. Don’t miss out!

Budget billing for convenient, predictable payments. Don’t miss out!

Note: budget billing sign-ups have ended for 2020

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**Please note, if you are already on the budget, there is no need to sign up again.  You will automatically be re-enrolled for the next season beginning May 1.**


At Franger Gas, we are committed to delivering exceptional energy and exceptional service. Whether that means reliable, timely service when you need your propane tank refilled or offering easier ways to pay – we want to make every aspect of your propane service convenient for you, our customers.

Our Guaranteed Price Program, also known as our budget billing program, is designed to make the lives of our loyal residential customers a little easier by breaking down your total season’s heating bill into monthly payments.

How does Budget Billing work?

Using our Budget Billing Plan is a great choice if you want to even out the seasonal highs and lows of your heating bill.

  • We estimate your propane gas usage for the next 11 months, based on your past usage and tank size as well as factoring in weather and propane price forecasts. Prices will vary based on individual residential customer accounts.
  • We divide that amount by 11 to determine your monthly payment amount. 
  • We review your plan throughout the year to make sure your budget amount is keeping pace with your actual usage. Budget billing is settled in April and recalculated for the new plan year that starts on May 1.
  • The Enrollment Period is April 1 – May 1. 
  • This is a free service for residential customers whose accounts are up to date, and you can discontinue it at any time.
As another bonus to enrolling in Budget Billing, you will be automatically enrolled in our worry-free Automatic Fill Service. With our Auto-Fill program, you place the responsibility of monitoring your propane tank level on us. We use our Franger Gas computer software to project when you are going to need more propane, and ensure you never have to pick up the phone to have your propane tank refilled.

It’s simple and free to sign up. Fill out the form to start Budget Billing on May 1.